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A Poem from Daniel Orsini’s
On the Care and Feeding of Robots

On the Care and Feeding of Robots

The Rock of Horeb, afloat in His flesh
Even as a foetus—spagyric, fresh,
In such skein rooted as metals enmesh—
Shall kiss the Earth: the Son in His calèche.  
Holons of Eden, we muscle the cell;
Transmit His semblance; shape it like a bell;
Torso on torso, rise like wave or swell;
In moonsuit or membrane, enter the well.

I knew a nomad: amber still her hair,          
She softens my eye; like spires on a stair,    
Confounds my orbit; glistens like a flare;       
Effusive Phoebe, twines me while we pair.      
Boxer and horseman yet spin where I hie.    
As I scan the void, I christen the tie;                      
Inhabit the woman; summon the sky;                
Console my fate, embraced by Gemini.

Cyborg that I am, cislunar my heart,
Venus my mother, I frame such an art
As Chiron once read me, whole or in part,
Astride His tesseract, from Vulcan’s chart:
When the robot rotates, protect his arm;
Do not dangle his bulk—avoid such harm;
Attach him to his chest; defuse alarm;
Display his liquid visage—teach him charm


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